34423 LIVE動画公開!!

2018.6.6 at Kagurane【UNFLUSION】

34423 x Kazuya Matsumoto × VJ Hello1103 FULL ver.

34423: http://www.34423.jp

Drums by Kazuya Matsumoto: http://www.horhythm.com

VJ by Hello1103: https://hello1103.com

LIVE BOOKING ▶︎ please send the message to laha34423@gmail.com

SHORT ver.


34423(miyoshi fumi) http://www.34423.jp Electronic musician born in Ehime and based in Tokyo. Having been familiar with recording devices and instruments since childhood, she started to create her own unique sounds. Her aggressive sounds and vivid visual images that contrast with her appearance have drawn attention, which led to her international debut with Tough and Tender (kaico) in 2013. Since then, she has been active taking part in large-scale festivals in Tokyo and collaborating with YU-KA TANAKA, to whom she entrust the visual aspects of her activities, and released Masquerade (kaico) in February 2015. She has also composed for films including a horror movie Eyes based on a novel by Koji Suzuki and directed by Yohei Fukuda and Seishun Gunjyoiro no Natsu directed by Yuwa Tanaka.