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容姿と相対する硬派なサウンドと鮮烈なヴィジュアルイメージで注目を集め、2013年に1st Album『Tough and Tender』をリリース。
最近ではリズムをテーマとした自身の企画『GNOMONS』や「パフォーマンスをコラージュする」をテーマにした新企画『KOYU PILOT』を開催。

She lives in Tokyo. an electronic musician. From childhood, she was exposed to recording devices and musical instruments and began to create her own sound with various gimmicks. She prefers hard beats, and She collages phoneme materials and makes tracks by free-thinking.
She attracted attention with her rigid sound and vivid image in contrast to her appearance and released 1st Album ‘Tough and Tender’ in 2013.
It is currently attracting attention for its live performance using analog equipment such as laptops, modular and compact effectors.
Recently, she held his own project ‘GNOMONS’ with the theme of rhythm, and a new project ‘KOYU PILOT’ with the theme of “collage the performance”.
She also created and adapted various movies such as ‘Eyes’ a horror movie based on a novel by Koji SUZUKI, ‘Seishun Gunjo iro no natsu’ a feature film directed by Yuwa TANAKA and ‘Tokyo Noir’ directed by Masa YAMASHITA, as well as advertising music and a sound logo.